About TPR

Contact us: transpacificradio@gmail.com

Managing directors and editors (and their respective areas of coverage):

Ken Worsley – Technical director; Business, Economics, and Industry; Politics; Day to day site supervision, maintenance, and moderation

Garrett DeOrio – Content director; Politics; Social issues; Entertainment and Old Time Radio; Day to day site supervision, maintenance, and moderation

Christopher Pellegrini – Social issues; Police and Crime; Japanese Baseball

Albrecht Stahmer – Business, Economics, and Industry

David Watkins – Japanese Baseball

Trans-Pacific Radio (太平洋横断放送) is an attempt at something akin to a podcast radio station. Based in Tokyo, Japan and anchored by Seijigiri (政治斬り), a regular review and analysis of Japanese and East Asian news and politics, and BizCast Japan, a review and analysis of the business and economy of Japan, TPR produces podcasts in as many styles and on as many subjects as suits its fancy.

Trans-Pacific Radio grew out of Garrett DeOrio’s inability to find the podcast he wanted to hear – a succinct, laid back, well-produced, informative review and discussion of regional politics, in English. There was only one thing to do, given the circumstances – create the podcast he wanted to hear. To do this he needed someone with superior technical and marketing skills. (Why make it if no one hears it?) Enter Ken Worsley. After a few discussions, Ken’s grand vision watered Garrett’s seed of an idea and Trans-Pacific Radio was born.

At the moment, TPR aims to turn Seijigiri into the premier podcast on an important region and BizCast Japan into a fine source of economic and business anlaysis. It’s unfortunate that the world’s second largest economy and an area comprising an enormous percentage of the world’s population get such glancing, perfunctory treatment from most sources – we hope to make a contribution to remedying that.

One step at a time, though. Thanks for visiting Trans-Pacific Radio and for subscribing to its podcasts and reading the posts on this site.

You can contact TPR by leaving a comment on this site or by sending an e-mail to transpacificradio@gmail.com.

Letting TPR work for you:

All of TPR’s editors and writers are happy to consider commissions and freelance assignments. Just e-mail us with details.

Sponsoring or Advertising on TPR: Trans-Pacific Radio welcomes sponsorships and advertisements and offers high traffic, high levels of targetability, and attractive deals. If you or your organization are interested in sponsoring TPR or advertising on the site or in TPR podcasts, please e-mail us at transpacificradio@gmail.com.


TPR programs and categories and who does what.

TPR News: Generally speaking, “Politics” is researched and written by Garrett DeOrio, “Business and the Economy” is researched and written by Ken Worsley, and “Society” is researched and written by Christopher Pellegrini.

Seijigiri: TPR’s political analysis show is researched by its co-hosts, Garrett DeOrio and Ken Worsley.

BizCast Japan: TPR’s show on business, finance, and the economy is researched by its co-hosts, Albrecht Stahmer and Ken Worsley.

TPR Spotlight: TPR’s in-depth, issue-specific programs are researched and written by their listed authors. Generally, the audio program consists of the author being interviewed by another TPR editor.

Shasetsu: TPR’s editorials and opinion pieces are researched, written, and, when in audio form, read by their listed authors. Generally, editorials are written by Garrett DeOrio, Ken Worsley, or Christopher Pellegrini.

NPB on TPR: TPR’s program on Japanese Professional Baseball is researched and written by its hosts, Christopher Pellegrini and David Watkins, authors of 燕軍: The Tokyo Yakult Swallows (Tsubamegun), one of the best English blogs on Japanese Baseball out there. It is produced and edited by Christopher Pellegrini.

Japan in the News: TPR’s text-only news updates are generally written by Ken Worsley or Garrett DeOrio.

Rekishi – History: TPR’s “This Day in History” posts are researched and written by Garrett DeOrio, who also finds relevant contemporary audio clips when he can.

OTR on TPR: Old Time Radio programs featured on TPR are selected, hunted down, and written on by Garrett DeOrio.

TPR’s Festival of Christmas Tales: The audio Christmas stories featured during the Holiday Season on TPR each year are selected by Garrett DeOrio. They are recorded, edited, and produced by Garrett DeOrio or Christopher Pellegrini.

Trans-Pacific Info and “State of the TPR”: Updates on what’s going on with TPR are written by Ken Worsley or Garrett DeOrio. Ken Worsley writes the monthly “State of the TPR” updates on traffic and related information.

Debito.org Podcast: The audio version of Arudou Debito‘s weekly newsletter is researched, written, read, recorded, and produced by Mr. Arudou himself and released on TPR as a collaboration between he and TPR.

All audio programs (with the exceptions of the Debito.org Podcast and OTR programs) are recorded, edited, and produced by Ken Worsley, Garrett DeOrio, and/or Christopher Pellegrini.

Linking to, Quoting, or Citing TPR: With the exceptions of the Debito.org Podcast and OTR programs, all articles and podcasts on TPR are copyrighted, all rights reserved, by Trans-Pacific Radio and the articles’ and podcasts’ authors and producers, in the year of their production. Trans-Pacific Radio claims any and all applicable moral and legal rights to any and all of its work.

However, TPR welcomes and encourages any reasonable quoting, linking to, citation of, or reference to anything that can be found on this site subject to three small conditions:

1. Either Trans-Pacific Radio or Trans-Pacific Radio and the author of the piece or the person being quoted must be clearly credited.

2. The quote or reference must include a link to Trans-Pacific Radio.

3. Trans-Pacific Radio assumes no responsibility whatsoever for hardship or damages resulting from any statements or errors on this site.

Finally, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for each and every link, quote, reference, or citation to each and every person or site who does so. We here at TPR appreciate it to no end.


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